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Our mission is to create a more open, transparent, and secure financial system where everybody has access to high-quality financial tools.
With the rise of decentralized technologies like blockchain, we think the time to build it is now.
We are fully built on a decentralized exchange technology for margin trading and eventually derivatives. Where Deluxe 4 users can trade, borrow (Leveraging), and lend any supported asset easily and confidently.

Open your trading account now with the number one licensed and regulated broker. Deluxe 4 it’s your ultimate choice.

Deluxe 4 was founded in November 2017 with the primary mission to empower people to trade with confidence. With strong core values of integrity and innovation, we always put the customer first, and center all our efforts into enabling traders of all levels to unleash their true potential. Whether it is our customer service, diversity of instruments and variety of platforms, or any of our other superior services – we work hard to ensure our clients have a pleasant trading experience.  Deluxe 4 is a Decentralized Cryptocurrency trading wallet and platform where merchants and consumers can transact with new digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin easily.

Traders at Deluxe 4® can trade securely in the knowledge that as a decentralized company. It provides:

  • Transparent Pricing– Meeting specific standards and ensuring fair practice.
  • Ability to trade within the wallet.
  • A Professional Management Team – Users are solely IN charge of their trades.
  • An Investor Compensation Fund policy – Providing additional security to traders
  • Risk management system- Trading with STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT technology.
  • We believe in using decentralization to build a better financial system. We're working to redefine the core of the world's biggest market. 
  • In 2020, Deluxe 4 had a good account of members worldwide reaching over 3.7M+ user accounts. 

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Why is this important?

Powerful financial products like margin and cryptocurrency are essential. They empower traders to better manage risk, more efficiently allocate capital, and express more complex opinions on price and volatility.

However, access to these tools is very limited by traders' experience and trading plan. But since the cryptocurrency margin is opened 24H, and we provide a fully decentralized product for users, we have higher chances of managing risk. Security and transparency are especially important in the cryptocurrency space where high-profile hacks and scams are common. With Deluxe 4 decentralized technology, your cryptocurrency assets are safe and secured with your wallet and backup phrase protected with Two-factor authentication security making Deluxe 4 impossible to hacks. Deluxe 4 solves these problems by giving everyone, everywhere access to high-quality financial tools directly from their wallet to the blockchain.